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Finding Beauty and Poetry in your Magic with Kiko Pastur

Kiko Pastur joins Jonah this week to discuss aesthetic magic, challenging your creativity, and finding symbolism in an effect. Kiko is a magician from A Coruña, Spain, whose style draws on the beauty and wonder of our world. 

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Disillusionment and Exploring Intent with Nate Staniforth

This week Jonah sits down with Nate Staniforth to discuss disillusionment, determining your intent, and creating visceral effects. Alongside touring the college circuit, Nate is the author of Here is Real Magic and Clouds and Kingdoms. 

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The Heart and Soul of Magic with Ran’D Shine

This episode Jonah sits down with Ran’D Shine to discuss performing on the college circuit, creating inclusive environments and the rich history of African Americans in magic. Alongside being a highly sought after, award winning magician on the college circuit, Ran’D is also a magic historian and educator.

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Tips for Touring Tricks with Ryan Joyce

This week, Jonah sits down with Ryan Joyce to discuss the realities of touring, marketing a show, and working towards a solid show. Ryan is a Canadian magician who spent thirteen years touring the country with a stage illusion show. Ryan has also been seen on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Canada’s Got Talent, and his YouTube channel with over 8 million views. 

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Magician Appetizer #2

It’s another bite sized episode this week! This time, Jonah suggests an interesting way to discover your character.

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Magician Appetizer #1

This week, Jonah is trying out a different kind of solo episode. Short but packed with information, the Magician Appetizer episodes are meant to whet your appetite for the larger topics often discussed on the podcast. To start the new format off, Jonah explores the idea of putting on the shoes of your audience member.

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