I hope you celebrated 2016 with some of the people closest to you!

Friends, family, playing cards…..

How was 2016 for you?

Awesome? Average? Terrible?

I think 2016 was the year of external forces: celebrity deaths, Aleppo, refugees, zika, and of course the election of “He Who Shall Not be Named”

No matter how you mourned the loss of people like Prince, Carrie Fisher, Muhammed Ali, or a gorilla, it’s time to put it that all behind us.

It’s 2017!!!

A time for new years resolutions!

Before we get to that it’s time for a thank you!

Thank you, for being a fan of this podcast in 2016.

On January 1st, there was no such thing as Discourse in Magic. There was no podcast episodes. There was no special guests. There was no blog, no emails, no nothing.

Now I’ve interviewed some of my favourite magicians in the world. I have an audience of as large as 1000 downloads for a single episode, friends, fans and followers.

Which is exactly the theme of the month of January:

Friends, Fans and Followers.

We want to thank you for all that you’ve given to us! So this month is for you!

Right now it’s January 2017.

It’s a time for a resolution. To do something different. To commit to it, and to stick to it.

Often times people want to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, or something else drastic.

I don’t believe in drastic changes. They’re often hard to stick to, and by January 15th the Gym is back to half capacity, and by the 30th it’s just like it looked in December.

Instead I’m a fan of small changes that we can actually stick to!

I spent a lot of time thinking about what my MAGIC resolutions would be…. so it’s time for a CONTEST!!


A SPOT ON EPISODE 34!!!!!!!!

Did you dream of being on an episode of the podcast to talk about whatever you want in magic?

CLICK the video to find out how!

It’s simple: Post a video and tag us on social media with your magic NY resolution. The winner is drawn randomly on January 26th from all of the entries on episode 33!

1st prize is a spot on an episode

2nd prize is a secret magic dvd

3rd prize is a secret magic lecture

4th prize is a secret magic deck

I want YOU on an episode!!!!

Wherever you are on your magic journey, we're here for you

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