What is Discourse in Magic?

Let me guess.

You already know where to go to learn new tricks, but you don’t know where to go to learn how to do them well.

Plenty of websites and magic shops will teach you new tricks.

Discourse in Magic is a podcast, website and community for magicians looking to improve.

We focus on tested strategies to become a better magician, instead of buying the latest tricks. That means a better performer, entertainer, entrepreneur, creator, writer, producer, and artist.

Learn from hundreds of interviews with the best on the planet, be part of a community of magicians who care to get better, and let me be your crash test dummy along the way!

Our Ethos

We take on magic’s hardest issues to help you on your journey. Advice from the best performers on the planet and actionable tips to help better the art and become an awesome magician! We train magicians to entertain, book more gigs and become killer performers.

In the modern era of Youtube magic, instant downloads, and unlimited tricks, it’s clear that the real secret of magic aren’t the methods themselves.

The real secrets of magic are the choices you make as a magician to be unique, perform the best magic that you can that is fulfilling for you to perform.

We shift the scripts of magicians from “how did you do that” to “why did you do that”.

Why is it that when one magician performs an effect it kind of feels like a trick, and when someone else does the same effect it feels like a miracle?

Why do some magicians get all the bookings, while others are left waiting to get called on?

How are some magicians performing creative brilliant miracles while others are performing the same old tricks with the same old patter?

Welcome to Discourse in Magic

Who am I?

Here’s a super quick summary.

I’m Jonah, master wizard here at Discourse in Magic. Here’s what I do:

Some nice things people have said

Nate Staniforth: “Jonah is a careful listener and thoughtful host who does a great job of exploring each guest’s perspectives and ideas.”

Brent Braun: Discourse In Magic contains the real secrets of being a magician. Some podcasts only scratch the surface Jonah on the other hand digs deep and changes the way I think about magic”.

Garrett Thomas: “This podcast is Insightful, motivating, and challenging for any magician. Jonah creates a safe space for your favorite magicians to share their details in the wise why’s of what they do”.

Matt Disero: “My absolute must listen to weekly is Discourse in Magic. Jonah Babins does it up right. ”

Jay Sankey: “I’ve listened to a ton of magic podcasts over the years, but Discourse in Magic is one of my very favorites!”

Jeff Evason:“ This is one of my favourite podcasts ”

The problem with magic today

Do you ever find yourself looking at all of the magic that you’ve bought (dvds, downloads, gimmicks, books, etc..) and wondering what to perform, or how to actually get better?

There’s plenty of resources available to learn new magic, but not enough resources on how to do magic well!

Anybody in magic for more than a few years must be aware of the online and local marketplaces available.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in buying magic, supporting artists, and learning! But I also want to keep magicians working on the most important parts of magic; the introspective ones.

It required focusing on thinking about your own magic deeply.

That’s what will help you become a better magician

Better does not mean more tricks. Better means better.

Anyone who performs magic should want to perform it well.

Studying trick after trick or method after method doesn’t make you a better magician.  This applies to any art form. You can buy all the different kinds of canvass, paints and brushes in the world and still not improve your ability to paint.

It’s learning how to paint, how to create, how to perform, how to entertain, how to get hired, how to get noticed, how to be the best.

In magic, this study is called theory.

Theory is the purpose of Discourse in Magic.

You can be an incredible magician without spending more money on tricks.

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Meet the team

Jonah Babins

Growing up in Toronto Jonah quickly became part of the magic community, joining magic lectures, meeting up with local magicians, and attending magic camp. After completing his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, he dove headfirst into all things magic.

Alongside Tyler Williams he started this podcast in 2016 to learn the most important parts of magic from those qualified to teach it. The goal was to help magic enthusiasts all over the world learn along with him and experience the benefits of a strong magic community.

Months later, he teamed up with Ben Train and began hosting a monthly (now weekly) open mic magic show “The Newest Trick In The Book”. Out of that show grew The Toronto Magic Company which now features weekly and monthly performances across Toronto featuring local and visiting performers.

Now a full-time performer, Jonah has his hands in every magic cookie jar in Toronto (except the ones with peanut butter in them, he’s allergic). He performs regularly at corporate, private, and school functions and tours extensively across Ontario brining magic performances and workshops to summer camps. When his pinkie is not in the deck he enjoys beatboxing, inventing new words, and binge watching The Gilmore Girls.

Jaqueline Swan

While only joining the Discourse in Magic team in September 2018, her impact as an editor and producer has been unmatched.  With a background in professional writing at York University and broadcast television at Seneca College, she cleans up and streamlines the audio for every episode, creates the show notes, and picks out the perfect cutouts of magic advice that ends up on instagram!

A relative newcomer to magic, we first met Jacque after she quickly joined the world of sleight-of-hand coin magic (a rarity in a community dominated by card magicians). She now appears regularly on Toronto Magic Company shows performing in her unique style.

She is also better looking, taller, smarter, funnier, stronger and generally superior to Jonah in every conceivable way. This fact was discovered about the same time Jonah lost the login password for this website and doesn’t know how to edit this.

Tyler Williams

Born in Toronto Ontario, Discourse in Magic past co-host Tyler Williams is a young creative magician. After 133 episodes of hosting, crafting, and acting as a driving force behind the Discourse in Magic podcast Tyler has stepped away to focus on other projects. He’s always been a man of many talents and makes an amazing impact in any team he joins. Currently Tyler spends his time as a video editor and producer for a prominent Toronto Youtuber.

Now what?

So you want to be a better magician?

Whether that means going pro, learning scripting, routining, selecting material, building a website, learning how to practice, overcoming fears, or anything else it takes to be a better magician, we’re here to help you!

Here are some steps that may help your journey:

  1. Scroll through the episodes  – If you’re new to Discourse in Magic head to discourseinmagic.com/podcast , or iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or your favourite podcast platform and scroll through the episodes. There are over 170 episodes to choose from ranging from world famous to behind the scenes legends.
  2. Follow us on Instagram – After each episode comes out 5-10 short clips and quotes are taken from each episode. Follow us on instagram to see those clips giving you bite size, hand picked magic wisdom every day and stay part of the conversation.
  3. Tell a friend – Are you part of a local magic club? Do you regularly hang out with a small group of magicians? Now you’ve got one more thing to talk about. Share a episode you like with them in your group chat or facebook group, and talk about it at your next meeting. It’s like the world best magic book club… without the reading!
  4. Join the newsletter – The purpose of the podcast is to help YOU become the best magician you can be. While the podcasts are my opportunity to share audio with you. The best place to read about magic resources, ideas, tips, contest, and step by step guides on how to succeed is the newsletter. Sign up, and learn some magic

See you on the inside!