You Aren’t Special!

Picture this

For the first time ever I signed up to go to magic camp! I stepped on the bus, looked around and saw about 90 other people that were also magicians JUST LIKE ME.

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Episode 20 – Why Mentalism is More Relatable for Audiences Than Magic with Bobby Motta

In this episode we packed up our bags and travelled to Toronto (hehe) to our good friend Bobby Motta’s house. If you know anything about Bobby, you know that he is one of Toronto’s Top Mentalist and is a very very bright guy.

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How to Book Your Own Tour

If your method of booking shows is word of mouth or more specifically: sitting around waiting for calls, then I have news for you, it sucks.

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Ego Change

Life is a magical journey and many of us experience feelings of magic at a very early age. Maybe some of us experience magic before ever meeting a magician or having magic defined for us. No matter how we find magic or magic finds us we all learn how to perform magic from similar sources.

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Episode 19 – Why Risk Your Life on a Stunt and How To Try It At Home with Scott Hammell

In this Episode we sit down with our good friend Scott Hammel to talk about stunts. Scotty is a motivational speaker who uses magic and stunts as a tool to help deliver his message. We wanted to chat with him about a lot of the “Why and How’s” of stunt work, to better understand the niche that he’s found himself in.

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Performance Anxiety

Magic has changed and continues to change my life in more ways than one. One of the most significant ways it has helped me was by giving me a mechanism to deal with my social anxiety. I wasn’t always a loud and wacky person. I was a quiet, shy person with loud and wacky ideas.

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