It’s a bonus episode this Monday. With the rise in new listeners, Jonah thought he would sit down to talk about the ethos behind Discourse in Magic by breaking down the three main areas the podcast can help you improve.

Help You Make Your Magic Better

In order to improve your magic, you need to be actively implementing advice and ideas. Simply consuming magic content will not help you become a better performer; at most, it will help you become a more informed magician. You need to be actively engaging with your magic by testing it, recording yourself, and scripting. The podcast is about helping you become introspective with your approach to magic and actively applying the advice given by the guests to your own magic.

Help You Succeed in the Business of Magic

When Jonah started the podcast, he found that there was a lack of resources on how to become a fulltime performer. By distilling the information about the business side of magic from his guests, Jonah wants the podcast to be a resource new and veteran magicians can turn to when they need a question answered. Additionally, Jonah wants to help you think like an entrepreneur by sharing his interest in modern business tactics with you.

Help You Demystify the World of Modern Magic from the Inside

If you found the podcast, you most likely know a lot about magic and are in a place where you want to know more about the behind the scenes and the wider magic landscape. Or, you may be trying to find a resource that helps you understand how magic is changing with technology and where it may be going in the future. Jonah wants the podcast to be this resource for you. The podcast focuses on being positive about these modern changes and encouraging conversation about how these changes will shape the next generation of magicians.


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