In this Episode we sit down and talk about creativity, and why it’s difficult and what our biggest struggles are. The truth is, we are also still learning how to be creative. As magicians they way that we consume magic doesn’t lend itself towards creativity. Instead it’s  our responsibility to make sure that we are unique in as many ways as we can be.

The quote I mentioned – “I Only Write When Inspiration Strikes. Fortunately It Strikes at Nine Every Morning”- actually has a debated author. Check the article here if you truly care.

The other principle that I mentioned is Parkinsons Law: “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.  That’s why limitations, but on time on on subject, help being more creative. You can read more about it in the wikipedia article:

We also mention magician Eric Leclerc who we also have had as an guest on Episode 2 of our podcast.

What do you think? Is creativity hard? What are your biggest struggles? What would you ask a really creative magician?

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