In this episode we chat all about what we’ve learned and what we’ve loved in the first 25 episodes of the podcast. It’s so awesome to watch this grow from a tiny project into an even bigger project and eventually a small business. Right now, our biggest hope is that we can be as helpful as possible.


This episode is a chance for us to be incredibly thankful, and more importantly it was a chance for us to be super honest abut the past present and future of Discourse in Magic. We explain how we are being guided as to what content to create based on the answers to the questions that we ask the audience.

If you like our banter as much as you like it when we have special guests on tune in to this episode. You’ll get to hear about our favourite episodes and why, as well as some major honourable mentions.

In the episode we chat about the videos that we’ve started doing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about free to check out videos 1 and two below

Video 1: Discourse in Magic First Video Ever!! – The My Fair Lady Project

Video 2: Discourse in Magic – My Fair Lady Episode 2 – Looking The Part


Otherwise we’ll see you all on episode 27

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