To kick off December we announce the theme of the month: Crafting a Show!

This is the type of topic where unless you have a magic club or other magicians that actively watch you perform and help, you’re often on your own. We’re trying to be that help for you this month that you wish you had. This episode was a great way to get prepared because we starting speaking about the aspects of this topic that have been on our minds.

To start we spoke quite a bit about theatrics. More specifically that there are always more or better theatrics that you can add to your show. As magicians we often forget that our job is not just to be up there, be funny and get the magic done.

We should be trying to enrich the expirience for everyone, make it as amazing a strange and interactive as possible.

In the episode Tyler mentioned a video from Maro Tempest.

I’ve embedded it below

After that we tackle the topic of reevaluating things that you’ve done for a long time. When it comes to you show, you often have to be conscious of what you like and don’t like about your show.

The example I used in the episode was that at some point Piff the magic Dragon had to decide to put on a dragon outfit. You cant be afraid to put on or take off your proverbial dragon outfit. Whatever that means for you, don’t be afraid to let your magic, and your magic style change!

Speaking of reevaluation, in this episode we made a mew intro for our episodes to make it clearer for news listeners.

I would love to know what you thought about the episode. We shared some controversial thoughts

Now that this is the tail end of media month. You should head over to our youtube channel and give it a subscribe. It will help a lot!



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