As usual the first episode of the month is Tyler and I chatting about the state of the affairs, the theme of the month, and how it relates to us. This is a warning that if you don’t care about the success of the podcast or the magic careers of Tyler or myself (Jonah) this is not the episode for you.

If you do want to hear us get very excited about the uptick in views, and talk a little bit about where we’re at, our successes and our failures then tune in (I made sure it was a short episode). First we talk about the change in downloads. We’ve been around for over 10 months, and last month accounted for over 1/4 of our total downloads. Also if you remember back to high school math, it’s growing exponentially (i’ll be posting a graph on insta/twitter).

Upon listening to it in the edit, it sounded like we were bragging. We’re not, I think Tyler and I and both uncomfortable with HOW MANY people are actually listening to this little magic podcast, and we are being knocked off out socks by the numbers.

To counteract what felt like bragging we spoke a little bit about our failures. Particularly the my fair lady project and why it died. It’s been dead for quite a while, but here’s the short story as to why it stopped.

Tyler and I struggled while finding other weekly magic jobs that satisfied out magic needs. As Tyler put it “We don’t have bills to pay, or mortgages”. As 21 and 22 year olds, this is our time to get better, not our time to try to reap the benefits of our labour. Even though I’ve been doing magic all of my life, and performing for a ton of it, it sort of feels like the work has only begun.

One of the other things that we mentioned was the success of the masterpiece challenge. BIG THANKS to everyone who participated. It taught me many things, but the most important is that with the discourse in magic audience, there is a need to go through things together. Since nobody teaches you how to learn magic, or how to do magic, it’s nice to walk though steps together. You can expect there to be more challenges, programs, products, or activities to help you guys and us better yourselves. (Not just more episodes with cool people).

The final point that we touched on that was important was that no matter if you are trying to break into the professional magic world, or just a hobbyist, you should still have goals in your magic to get better. Make sure that claiming to be a hobbyist isn’t something that stops you from getting better and a faster pace.

Thanks for tuning in to this whacky episode




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