In this episode Tyler and I introduce the theme of the month “Motivation Month” and debrief the first 52 episodes as well as the Browser Bash.

We decided to dive into the topic of motivation because it seems like the root of everything. If the only way to get great is to do it a lot, and the only way to do it a lot is to have the motivation to perform that often.

It seems to be the root of everything so that’s exactly what we’re diving into this month!

First we started with the Browser Bash

What an unrecognizable difference for us between last years Bash and this years Bash.

Last year we were running around trying to get people to be a part of the podcast, fans and guests included. This year we were walking around, and were stopped and thanked by multiple people for the work we’ve done on the podcast.

Thanks to everyone who introduced themselves, and knew us from the podcast! It means the world!

Here’s to us being on the line-up next year 😉

The Podcast

Similarly, the difference in podcast episode quality is crazy too. Don’t believe me? Go listen to one of the first few episodes that we recorded, and compare it to now. For us, it’s cringeworthy to listen to old audio footage of ourselves, but it means we’re getting better. (Just like magic)

We’re also discussing the future of the podcast. One of the things we want to do is dive deeper into topics. Inviting magicians, and non-magicians alike to deliver the tools that magicians need to be successful.

If you have topics you think we should cover please feel free to leave a comment, or send one of us an email to and we will consider it


Finally we spoke about motivation. Motivation is the glue that holds it all together. The motivation to take on new projects. Motivation to try something new. Or my favourite: Motivation to show up every day and do the same activity knowing it will pay off in the long run!

That’s what the theme of the month is, and we’re pumped to dive more into it, and give people that advice they need to find their motivation, find their ‘why’ to let them jump in!

More than anything, after 52 episodes we want to thank you for being with us! It means a ton, and the continuous views, comments, emails, and thank you’s that we get helps motivate us to continue this fun little project.

If you’ve been a fan for a little while, now’s the time to say hi. Ask us a question, we’d like to talk!

And expect some big things coming in the next few weeks. Get ready to get busy!

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