Episode 57 of Discourse in Magic was STRANGE!

We decided to change things up, we would conduct the entire episode on Instagram Live. It brought on, less viewers than we had anticipated, but much more excitement!!

In the beginning we were talking about our abolishment of themes. Below I’ll dive more into why we made that decision.

Every month when we decide on a theme we need to invite people to be on the podcast. If we invite 4 people on (4 slots) and they all say yes, but then 1 cancels last min. We are left scrambling to get an episode in theme. It’s also difficult because when there are people that we want to be on the podcast. We sort of have to say “let’s wait until we have a theme that reflects what you do”. Instead of saying yes, and releasing it whenever.

If you loved themes. Let us know, and we might change our minds.

After themes we spoke quite a bit about Instagram.

Aside from trying out our first Instagram Live podcast episode we touched on some of the benefits to using Instagram stories these days.

When you post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. It reaches only a small slice of your followers. If you use the stories feature however. It does a better job of reaching more people on your list. So if you are looking for a platform to have the biggest reach (aren’t we all?) then Instagram stories might be a great call for you! (it’s been awesome for me).

We also spoke about the launch of Toronto Magic Company. The project that Ben Train and I (Jonah) started. The mandate is simple: Put on fantastic magical experiences all over Toronto! If that interests you, you can click the link, and check out their website

As usual, the first episode of the month is us chatting about the state of the affairs for ourselves. Which is also a nice benefit of getting rid of themes, we can just talk about what’s going on.

For us, what’s been going on recently is: Toronto Magic Company, lots of performing, Instagram, my summer tour, and producing content.

That’s it for this episode. Make sure to tune of to next episode because we have a fantastic guest!

See you soon

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