In this episode we discuss how to create a good premise for you magic. We also compare magic to theatre for the first time on recording, which allowed us to speak about conflict, twist endings and other fitting theatrical tools.

This episode was the first of many magic gab sessions that was recorded.

The hardest part of our conversations without special guests, is making sure that listeners at home know what we are talking about. Our friendship has weakened our vocabulary on many of these subjects because of how often we converse about them.

To be as clear as possible below I define a few words that we use, and make a couple of statements clearer.

Fiction – a made up premise for your magic

We use the word fiction (too often) interchangeably with the word premise. While the difference isn’t large its worth pointing out. A premise is anything that a trick is about. A fiction is a specific premise about something made up, or untrue.

Conflict – a staged problem that arrises in the course of the effect.

Although this is a standard definition for theatre, it’s worth mentioning and reminding that conflict still exists in magic, and is a main aspect of the theatre of magic.

There is one idea I want to touch on in writing which was particularly exciting. The difference between believable magic (mentalism, psychology,..), and unbelievable magic (time travel, flying, wish fulfillment).

The idea that was brought up is that believable premises, are only interesting until you see it once. (like solving a rubik’s cube). While unbelievable premises are different because you are not convinced that the performer can time travel, so the magical feeling is eternal.

We reference quite a few movies in the length of the episode including Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, and Now You See Me.

We use many effects as bad examples of fictions (ambitious card, cutting 10’s), we don’t want to highlight bad performances on our page. Instead we want to link to an effect that we used as a TOP EXAMPLE for a great premise, great fiction, great twist, and a great performance:

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Do you agree with what we say about building a good fiction?

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For our 30 days of magic podcasts. Here’s episode 6 all about making a great fictional premise for your magic! #magicthrowback #magician #magicpodcast #magic #episode6 #magicianslife

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