In episode 61 Tyler and I decided to change the format of our first of the month episodes.

We used to discuss the months’ theme at hand. Now, since we abolished themes, we’re doing something different.

We’re going to keep you guys up to date about what’s going on in our lives!

Fun gigs, cool stories with pasts guests, whats going on in Toronto, and much much more!

This was the first episode of that sort.

Here are a couple of highlights. But if you enjoy listening to us tell stories and talk magic, you’ll enjoy the episode!

We spoke about the launch of Toronto Magic Company’s new show “Tricks in the Six”! Which was a great success. Featuring the awesome Karl Hein (will soon be on an episode), Keith Brown, and Ben Train. As well as some awesome local performers.

We also talk about where Tyler is at in his magic career, and where he could and should be going.

Here are some really important principles and stories that came out of the episode:

Produce, produce, produce – If you create every day, you will become an expert much much sooner. Being an expert is the fastest way to having an awesome freaking job!

How Phil Bowser, Keith Brown, and I got a card into a girls purse at a bar!

Why I’m going to NY with Ben Train Tomorrow!

Tips for approaching tables and much more.

To be honest something funny is happening. Now that I am MEGA busy with magic, Tyler and I don’t sit and talk that much outside of the episode!

Basically you get to listen to us catch up, and share our thoughts an feelings as they honestly would come!

That’s why I love the new format of the show!

I’d love to know what you think

Feel free to leave a comment, share your thoughts, or even pm me if you have any thoughts

Thanks again for being a fan and lending us your ears!

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