In episode 66 Tyler an I sit down to discuss some recent Toronto magic fun, as well as some of our plans for the future, for social media, and what you can count on for the Discourse in Magic summer.

For me I’ve been obsessing over social media. The new Snap maps, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter (jk twitter sucks). I decided I wanted to start documenting what I was doing.

My summer is pretty cool and for the sake of bettering my magic, bettering myself, and having beautiful social media content, I’ve decided to document everything. That was a big bulk of the episode. I explained why I’m doing it, what I’m doing, what networks I’m doing it on, and I asked for advice on how to do it. If you guys want to follow me check out jonahbabinsmagic on every platform.

Most importantly tell me what you like and what you hate about what I’m doing. It’ll help and it won’t hurt my feelings I promise (if it does, I won’t show it).

Early on we also dove in to Tyler’s last performance at The Newest Trick in the Book. His tricks are getting better, he is looking more comfortable on stage, and he’s starting to look like a better performer up there, and better yet: he’s starting to enjoy it too!

To think that you all got a front row seat to watching Tyler get better and better at creating his own original material.

We’ve learned (as silly as this sounds) that one of the keys to his growing success has been actually taking the advice been given to us by some of the pros.

Tyler went from a shy close up magician to a budding stage performer. The coolest part is the journey through it all is documented on this podcast.

Which leads me back to talking about documentation.

No matter if you’re performing once a month, or once a day: by documenting your journey you create amazing content, but also you write your story in magic. People can watch your successes or failures, and grow with you!

How cool is that?

Documenting your life (photo, video, audio) gives you many of the benefits of journaling, with the added benefit of fantastic sharable content.

Usually I try to do it with the discourse in magic Instagram story but I have a feeling you guys are tired of images of me editing the podcast.

If we inspired you to start a channel of sorts (youtube, Facebook page, etc..) post your page in the comments, and we’ll be sure to give it a like.

OR, if you want to follow me on my tour here’s where to do it



Snapchat: jonah.babins

Youtube: ( just google it)

We also spoke about social media on the podcast and the new release of “snapmaps”.

As a millennial, I feel the responsibility to share important updates on the social media landscape with people who might not know.

If you want to better understand what’s in for social media, or find out how you can document your own summer I recommend tuning into this episode.

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