Tyler and I celebrate our 70th episode with a discussion about the state of our careers.  Tyler has been taking on a ton of new gigs one of which was supplied by yours truly.

If you live anywhere near Toronto, you should check out the The Newest Trick in the Book shows which take place in Toronto on the first two Tuesdays of every month.

My summer tour has been exhausting, but super exciting with something like 70 shows under my belt in just the last month.  I’ve been able to perfect some routines and over the course of all those shows decided to throw out some others that had become stale.

Now that I’ve been doing magic full time I’ve arrived at a much better understanding the kind of magic I really love to do.

Tyler, meanwhile, has decided to start producing a magic video per week and has become totally obsessed with the editing process.  Our friend Chris Mayhew has been hugely supportive in teaching us how to produce great videos.

It’s all about focusing on your strengths. People like Pete McKinnon are examples of someone who made a name for themselves by showcasing his fantastic magic through great YouTube videos.

The future of the podcast has been on our mind as well.  We are debating whether we should begin producing more podcast episodes.  We’d love to hear from you about whether you’d like to listen to a Monday minisode along with our regular show.

We are also discussing producing additional tutorial videos along with a greater discussion about methods rather than just the theory of magic.

The conversation drifted into a discussion about vegan magic because we are always getting asked about the doves and other birds used in our tricks.  There is a vegan comedy group in Toronto that Tyler is interested in reaching out to. He’s also interested in performing for vegan and animal rights groups.  Partly because he goes to them anyway and partly because he would be able to talk about the things he is really interested in on stage.

We’ve been talking a lot about how to get your magic career started on this show. How to build your own website, get your pictures taken and do your own cold calling.

But we have become a lot more interested in utilizing sites like Fiverr and UpWork to find people to do the jobs that we suck at.

Tyler’s recently started relationship with someone who has been hugely supportive of his magic career and has offered to help out with that side of the business.  Hiring someone to book gigs would be a huge benefit to our careers but finding someone that understands what kinds of rooms we can and can’t play can be challenging.

My experience of moving in with another working magician has been huge for me for finding new gigs. It’s incredible what happens when you surround yourself with other hardworking people.

Tyler recently had a problem with a gig.  I recommended him for a party which was described to him as an 80 person adult crowd for a 30 minute walk-around show.  He didn’t bring any audio equipment or stage props with him.

Needless to say it didn’t turn out as expected.  When he arrived he realized the person that hired him didn’t understand what he was going to do and the crowd was composed of an incredibly rambunctious group of party-going 40 year olds.

He was then asked to do something on stage with a handheld wireless microphone.  It actually went pretty well based on three strong pieces but it was pretty mortifying.  It was a lesson in communication.  Most people don’t understand the difference between walk-around or cocktail magic so you have to explain everything step-by-step.  Failures are definitely the best way to learn more about the craft.

We are asking for help from an audience member to go through past episodes to pick out great clips both for audio and text distribution we are willing to pay bottom dollar for this first ever Discourse in Magic internship!  You can contact us by emailing discourse@discourseinmagic.com

We have some incredible guests coming up on future episodes which has Tyler and I super excited.  If you were thinking about quitting the podcast this is not the time.  We think you’re going to be blown away.

A lot of people have been messaging us about coming to visit us in Toronto.  We would love to have you come hang out with us during the day.  Our previous guest Anna D Guzman has got us super excited about the idea of jamming with other magicians.  But email first, don’t just show up…’cause that would be weird.


Tyler is doing Newest Trick in the Book and wants you to come buy him a drink.

Tyler also demands that you consider becoming a vegan.  “Just look into it” he begs.  “It’s not a cult.”

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