It’s Q&A day!  We asked you for some questions and in today’s episode, we try to answer your most burning inquiries.  Before we get to that we start the episode with a discussion about the state of our careers.  Tyler had two recent shows that he had thought went well but, sadly, it turned out otherwise.  His mistake was treating a restaurant gig like a banquet gig.  Tyler was going around trying to make everyone happy but in the end, it wasn’t what the owner had wanted.  He felt Tyler was spending too much time with some of the people in the audience while ignoring others.  Tyler and I discuss the importance of communication with our clients while defending the things we know will make a great show.

Meanwhile, I’ve wrapped up the second part of my summer tour.  I felt like it was really successful.  Planning a tour and executing it well was a great feeling. On the other hand, I overbooked myself and there were times when I nearly lost my voice or was fighting fatigue.  Nine shows in a day is way too many.  My big takeaway was that doing tours like this are very achievable.

We answer your questions

What is the largest amount of bacon Tyler has ever eaten?

Tyler is now a vegan but for his first 18 years, he was a committed carnivore.  Not only that – he took great delight in carving vegans.  The largest amount of bacon he has ever eaten is well over a pound.  It occurred on a shameful day with two of his friends.  Together, they consumed at least four packs of bacon – well over a pound each.

What is your take on quantity over quality when it comes to an online presence?

We’ve touched on this a lot on the podcast and there have been some opposing views.  My approach is that quality comes with time.  One of the biggest struggles is inaction.  Don’t worry so much about quality otherwise, you’re going to procrastinate.  Get out there and produce on a regular basis.  You are only going to get better the more you do it.

What is your favourite trick to perform for someone new?

Tyler likes to do a card trick where he guesses the top four cards in a deck and then changes those cards right before their eyes.  He likes to perform that trick because it tends to impress and opens the door to other follow-up tricks.

I personally love to go for whatever is near me be it a ball or a pencil or a deck of cards.  I also like doing any card at any number.  The reason I do that is because I can do the entire trick without anything in my hand.  It’s a trick that ends with a card deck but it starts with a real human connection.

How does anyone manage to put in the time required to really make it as a magician?

Tyler fully agrees that this struggle is real.  It’s one of the hardest parts of pursuing magic as a career.  His solution is to never put something off.  Do what you can in the moment.  Take the baby steps first.  I agree with that solution and would add that booking yourself a show is the best way to inspire you to get you shit together.  Nothing is more inspiring than a looming deadline.

How do I manage the overflow of books, DVD and lecture notes that are overwhelming me?

Tyler has a fairly simple answer.  Stop buying books, DVDs and lecture notes.  Being a professional magician isn’t really about being well versed in every new trick on the market.  It’s more about perfecting the tricks you need to build a great live show.  I tend to think that you should buy the magic that you need to fulfill your vision.  Focus on the things that you know you need to get better at.

Four Gigs in Four Days

Years ago when I was a counselor at a summer camp a magician was hired to entertain the staff.  The performer was so bad that the camp gave everyone their money back.  I realized that if this guy who sucked could get gigs than so could I.  In order to share the lessons I’ve learned over my journey I’ve started a free course for our listener.  4GigsIn4Days will go live on October 3rd.  I want to help at least 200 people book four gigs in four days.

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