We start episode 79 with a look back at the last month.  We have had some incredible guests over the last few weeks.  Lawrence Hass was particularly inspiring and we were super excited to be able to share his magical vision with our audience.

Tyler had a big moment this month when his mom watched him perform magic for the very first time.  She was Snapchatting Tyler’s set the entire time.  She really enjoyed the performance and family members watching the live stream in the UK were also super impressed.

The fact that we have made it nearly 80 episodes deep is truly amazing to us.  Jonah has been reviewing some earlier episodes and thinks we have come a long way since we started this podcast.  Jonah has been having a great fall of 2017.  After his tour he has had much more free time on his hands and has been able to concentrate on the podcast and some Toronto Magic Company shows.

Mark Correia stopped by the house early in the episode so we decided to invite him to join us.  Our conversation drifted into how we create original magic.  Mark thinks coming up with new material is difficult but is, ultimately, deeply satisfying.  He points out that in stand-up comedy stealing jokes is the ultimate hack move but in magic you can base a whole career on stealing tricks.  He applauds anyone that is trying to create new material.  Tyler, meanwhile, has realized that he doesn’t really do magic.  He does comedy with magic props.  He merges all his magic knowledge into as strong a routine as he can create.

Mark talked about his grandfather’s ashes trick which ends with a card in the ashes.  His premise was that he wanted a trick that would backfire against a cocky magician.  He found that he didn’t work out all the kinks until he starting performing the trick.  Jonah thinks that setting a date to premiere a new trick is a big part of motivating yourself.

A listener named Matthew emailed us a question in the midst of our recording.  He asked what qualities make a good magical mentor.  Mark loves Penn and Teller and Mac King because they are magicians who are real innovators.  Tyler thinks that there are a lot of people in magic that have a high profile but are not innovators.  We also agreed that humility is also a must in any comedy mentor.  Before Mark left us Jonah asked him how to avoid being a bland magician.  Mark believes that taking risks is key to the process.  Very few people are original.  And with that Mark exited the podcast.

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Why do you still do the safest trick you do?

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