It’s time for another solo episode, though this time with a twist.  On top of podcasting Episode 83 we streamed the show on Instagram Live.  We start the episode by catching up on our lives.

Tyler has moved in with his girlfriend and is a full time stay-at-home dad looking after the dogs.  Jonah has been performing a lot of magic around Toronto.  Jonah also just returned from the Buffalo 52 magic convention.  There he connected with many of his magical peers and mentors including Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, Ryan Edwards and Gazzo.  Sadly, despite spending more than an hour with us back in Episode 50 he had zero recollection of the experience.

Undeterred, Jonah lined up several guests for future episodes of the podcast.  He also picked up a number of new tricks, almost by osmosis.  It was great jamming with so many magicians but he found that the tricks weren’t of the most interest to him.  Performing has become far more important to him rather than learning a bunch of new tricks.  Jonah has developed a tight twelve minute set and is super proud of that achievement.

Tyler and Jonah reflect on the development of the podcast, especially the addition of the rapid fire question segment at the end.  They were a little worried about getting magicians to recommend future guests.  The concern was it was going to get a bunch of nobodies on the show.  The opposite has happened.  They have gotten a huge number of incredible interesting guests because of that segment.

Instagram has also become an important part of the show.  We are getting tons of feedback from our Instagram account.  We want to get more audience interaction from Instagram.  If you tag us on your posts we will start to share more of your content on the program.  We particularly love it when you share a photo of you listening the show.

Our conversation drifted into the state of magic.  It’s Jonah’s contention that this is the best time for magic ever, or at least in his lifetime.  The rise of shows like America’s Got Talent or Penn and Teller’s Fool Us has taken this art form to dizzying new heights in just a short amount of time.

After we issued our Halloween Magic Trick Challenge we decided to create another for November.  There isn’t a natural connection with that month but we decided a tie-in with Movember was a good idea.  We couldn’t decide on the name.  It’s either Mustache Magic or Magic for a Good Cause.  Prostate Magic was firmly rejected.

We took a few questions from our Instagram Live audience.  Noah52 asked us for our opinion on ring magic.  Jonah recently saw Garret Thomas do some incredible finger ring magic.  That ring was absolutely going through his finger.  There is good ring magic out there.  But Jonah likes to stay away from some of those tricks because it can appear too small, not magical enough. That said Jonah loves it when someone can make a ring float.  Tyler likes it because it’s such a common object and is very physical.

We really want to grow the show.  We want to get to 1000 Instagram followers.  #DiscourseAt1000 is our new mission.  The show is growing but isn’t reaching the audience of up-and coming magicians we want.

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