In this episode we introduce August, and the theme of finding your niche in magic. I think that this is a very important episode for magicians of all sorts, and Tyler does too, but for different reasons. I was particularly moved by the importance of finding a specialty for the sake of business and getting booked, since those are the places that it has been important in my life. Tyler however felt the importance of finding your niche important for the sake of advancing the art of magic.

With the topic at hand we made comparisons to other fields to help it make sense. For example doctors or watchmakers. If you have a specific problem your doctor recommends someone who specifically deals with those problems. I for one am thankful that the degree of specialization exists. I want someone with knowledge that is specific and pertinent to my needs.

We chat a bit about Americas Got Talent since it’s in the public light, and the reflection of finding a niche. It’s hard to get noticed if you are just like everyone else, but specialization and uniqueness are the things that get your noticed.

As well, if you want a chance of advancing the art, you need to pick an area and stick with it. One of our biggest examples is Steven Brundage, who unapologetically stuck with rubik’s cube magic even though he’s an all around magician. In the last year look at the incredible success he’s had. He has become the leading expert on rubiks cube magic, in a relatively short amount of time.

We also chat about Episode 17 with Dave and Elliot from art of magic, who chat all about the reason they split into Art of Magic, and Art of Play, which would allow them to dig deeper into both of those subjects.

One part of the podcast was more of a visual idea, which is hard on an audio podcast. We were discussing the circle of knowledge in the world, and how picking a subject and a specific are, and working towards it is an attempt to push that circle out, and add to the knowledge of the world

I couldn’t find a magic example but her is an example for school and getting a Ph.D:


We want to know what you think!

Do you think it’s necessary to find your niche, do you think its something that you seek out, or something that comes naturally after years of work in a general area? What it your niche, and how did you make that true?

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