If you haven’t been staying up to date with what we’ve been up to in the video world let me catch you up!

Jonah and I have entered the word of video for our first experiment.

The experiment is called “The My Fair Lady Project”

Here’s the premise: Change me (Tyler) from an amateur magician to a working restaurant magician in the fastest amount of time possible, documenting the whole process, so that you can watch, learn and hopefully do something similar yourself.

Here is a recap of what we’ve done so far, what we’ve learned, and a sneak peak of what’s to come.

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Video One:


The purpose of this video was to introduce everyone to the project and to announce that we started making videos. We’re trying to be present on every single platform that we can: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, and Youtube!

Are we spreading ourselves thin? Maybe

Are we reaching more people than ever faster than ever? Definitely

Watch the video if you haven’t and let us know your favourite part!

What I learned:

Making quality videos is a lot of work but there is a definite and impactful pay off. Videos are a great way to connect with a wide number of people on a personal level and let everyone know that you’re more than just a status or tweet.

We’ve seen big spikes in our followers on Facebook with our videos, so if you are ever interested in making videos sharing on Facebook is a great way to go (It’s also on youtube)

Video Two:


The purpose of this video was to highlight the importance of style and appearance when trying to market yourself as performer.

Looking the part is all about understanding that your image as a performer is such a useful and often overlooked tool for opening doors of communication and trust with your audience and potential clients.

I walk through my newfound approach to style, and discuss the importance for you!

Let me know what you think!

What I learned:

Dressing up for a performance gave me a completely unexpected boost of confidence!

Being fashionable always seemed like a daunting and pointless task but once I tried on some new clothes I realized that dressing up is an incredibly easy way to open doors of communication and trust with your clients, audience and the general public.  

Try picking yourself out an outfit. Don’t worry about splurging on cost. You’re going to wear this really often, every time you plan on dressing to impress as a magician!

Video Three:


Video three was all about showing everyone what my first attempts at getting a restaurant gig looked like. I took what I thought was the best approach to starting in the restaurant magic scene: approaching places in hopes to put together an event to get promo material

The video clearly highlights that have a lot to learn.

What I learned:

It is a serious challenge to try and sell something to someone while they are at work. As an entertainer I am there to make my potential client’s job easier not inconvenience them. If I want to be successful at this I need to find a non intrusive way to open a line of communication with restaurant management and worry about the pitch later. Getting a business card is much easier than getting an immediate YES.

Finally opening with a magic trick is WAY more exciting than getting straight to business. Demonstrate the value of what you are offering before you even offer it.


Is it taking longer than I thought: Yes

Is it more difficult than I thought: Yes

Have I learned more about the subject than every before: Absolutely

One of the best parts of this journey has been the fact that we’ve really been able to teach while doing!

We love to learn out loud because it helps us get better quickly, and most importantly. Because we;re broadcasting our work, we make sure it’s great quality.

I am destined to find a restaurant magic gig, and bring you on the ride with me

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