In this episode Tyler and I sit down and give a “State of the Union” address for the Podcast. The good the bad and the ugly of the friends fans and followers (see what I did there?).

So “Friends, Fans, and Followers” is sort of a combination between Media month, and community month. Except, now we have something to reflect on. We ‘sort of’  have followers (nearing 250 on newsletter), we have a few fans, and we do have friends (I hope).

Since it’s the beginning of the new year January 2017 we were quite positive and thankful at times, about some of the different things that are great benefits to where we are.

For example, The success of the podcast, feeds the quality of guests which feeds the success of the podcast again. It’s a loop and it’s an interesting reason why we’re thankful to our fans!

Then we pulled through the records and spoke about all of the audio problems we’ve ever had. If you want a behind the scenes as to some of the mistakes and issues that we’ve had, then you might enjoy this episode. But, if you don’t want to hear us talking about past bits and pieces, then maybe just check out the episodes that have cool guests!

More than anything this episode is an opportunity to kick back with Tyler and I, talk about what’s up, get some hints on what’s to come, and talk about our friends fans and followers.

Do we talk about anything valuable? Maybe. Probably not

Do we chat about Discourse in Magic things, and maybe say something that’s funny or interesting? Maybe! Possibly

Leave a comment somewhere! Say something so I know you’re out there? Share it, and I’ll be happy forever? Tell me you hate it? Love it, want to recommend a guest? Say it!

More than anything if you do one thing today, let it be apply to be a guest on our Episode with out contest here: you can apply until January 24th

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