In this episode Tyler and I chat about the second side of Discourse in Magic, the business side. Since a big chunk of what we do is based on the business of magic we explained about how and why we’re pumped to speak to some of the best in the industry about the topic.

One of the best parts of the themed month introduction episodes is the fact that we can share everything we know before we hop into the month, and learn from the best and that’s exactly what we did here.

We reflect on the fact we are our target demographic. Me (Jonah): a magician who has gotten gigs, and has used a system to book gigs, but is looking to do better and more, and Tyler: a hobbyist, trying to turn into a performer.

We chat quite a bit about the way we’re approaching this problem. Right now we’re coming at it from my experiences, from what I’ve learned so far, and a little bit about our “My Fair Lady Project”

Y0u can find out about the project by checking out one of the videos below.  It’s footage of our first attempt to get Tyler some restaurant gigs.

Let us know in the comment below these videos what you think about this months theme, why you like or don’t like the business of magic, and what ur excited to learn!

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