Hi friend!

Welcome to July! To be specific July 1st, Canada Day (Here in Canada)

This month as some of you may know I (Jonah) am going on tour to mostly overnight camps.

Why did I tell you this?

Because if I’m at summer camps, that means I have no internet access, which means I won’t be around to like you posts on Facebook and Twitter

So we want your help in this months contest.

What could I win?

1 of 3 copies of Chris Wesfalls (a Celebrated Canadian’s) Calculated Chaos lecture notes! You can read more about it on Vanishing inc. here

Or watch the trailer here:

How do I win it?

It’s really easy (way too easy).

Step 1: Join our newsletter if you haven’t already – (if you scroll to the bottom of this page and add your first name and email, you will be complete step 1)

Step 2: Share ANY POST of ours on Facebook or Twitter and tag us in it so we know you are entering in the contest.

That’s it. After that, 3 of you will be randomly selected to win a copy of Calculated Chaos


Go Enter the contest!!!!

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