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The Masterpiece Challenge

Let’s turn a trick that you know how to do, into your own personal masterpiece that is unique and that you’re proud of!

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Using Magic to Spread an Important Message with Chad Juros

In episode 43 we sit with Chad Juros to tell us his story of magic. I’ll save most of the details for the episode itself, but I can provide you with a short version of Chads incredible story.

Chad was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia as a child. During many of his years and months at the hospital Chads father brought magic to help take his mind off of things.

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Live in Toronto – Views, Comments, and Awesome Magic Content with Chris Ramsay, Eric Leclerc, and Wes Barker

Welcome to our first ever live show!

We invited Wes Barker, Eric Leclerc and Chris Ramsay to Toronto to record an episode but we said HEY, why don’t we invite the local magicians too. SO WE DID!

And it was a blast!

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Secrets to Outreach and Building Relationships with Caroline Ravn

In this episode Tyler and I sit down with Caroline to chat about everything it takes to build a community and following. Caroline Ravn is the queens of outreach. In the episode she gives us tips about how to get published in an article.

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Your 2017 New Years Magic Resolution? (Win 4 prizes!)

I hope you celebrated 2016 with some of the people closest to you!
Friends, family, playing cards…..
How was 2016 for you?
Awesome? Average? Terrible?

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Why Being Sincere Means Connecting with Your Audience with Asi Wind

If you don’t know who Asi Wind is, I recommend stopping the podcast episode and checking him out. Not only has he released incredible effects that have ROCKED the magic community (links below), but he is also a leading magical thinker.

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