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The Definitive Guide to All Magic Podcasts

As a consumer of magic podcasts, the only way that I found them, was by stumbling upon them. Every time I searched the web for Magic podcasts, I got 3 things. Magic the gathering podcasts, THIS magic cafe article about podcasts, and this short article from bicycle.com

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Episode 23 – How to be Creative and Original with Methods with Chris Wiehl

In this episode we sit down with the one and only Chris Wiehl to chat about being original and creative with magic effects. If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ magic, check out any of the following tricks he’s created.

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7 Ways to do Casual Magic, Without Feeling Out of Place

If you’re the kind of person that really likes to perform magic in a casual setting but often you feel that you stick out, people act weird before or after you do it, it feels like they’re politely watching you, or you feel embarrassed about it, here are my tips on how to do it without feeling like a loser.

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September Contest! Win ARTHUR by Chris Wiehl!

If you’re reading this, it means you want to win an Arthur Deck!!! Follow these steps to be entered to win one!

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Episode 22 – Creativity Month Introduction: Why Being Creative is So Hard

In this Episode we sit down and talk about creativity, and why it’s difficult and what our biggest struggles are. The truth is, we are also still learning how to be creative

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To disclaim or not to disclaim. For any magician/mentalist who is serious about their craft, the idea that we may be messing with the belief system of an audience is a topic that will eventually come up. My opinion on this matter is constantly in flux, but can presently be summed up as follows:

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