In this episode we decided to break down the age old question: “why would you date a magician?”.

We brought out three girlfriends of prominent Toronto magicians because Tyler and I do not have girlfriends of our own. #singleandreadytomingle

If you want to hear straight gossip about Ben Train, Mark Correia, or Scott Hammell. We had a ladies night with all of their lovely girlfriends: Natasha, Karleena, and Haley (respectively).

We cracked open a (few) bottle(s) of wine for ladies night and talked about dating a magician.

If you’re in a relationship think about how these questions might apply to you! Heck listen with you significant other!

We got to ask them about exactly what it’s like dating a magician.

At first we took the artist approach: what is it like to date an artist? Are they messy? Are they clean? Is your house a magic cave?

Then we took an emotional approach: what’s it like to watch your boyfriend risk their lives, or entertain audiences, make people laugh, inspire wonder, etc..

And finally a business approach: Do you help them with their business (or magic). Why or why not?

While I’d love to tell you what it takes to make an ideal magic girlfriend… But for that, you’re going to have to listen to the episode!

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