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Episode 109 – What do you love about Discourse in Magic?

It’s time for another catch-up interview with Jonah and Tyler. The episode starts with a quick recap of the last month. Tyler has made a terrible mistake and gotten a Muggle job. He works at at vape store, which is apropos since he uses an e-cig himself. He got the job by doing some magic for the company and they were so impressed they gave him a job. Jonah thinks that’s a good lesson for everyone proficient in magic. It’s always a good way to impress the normals.

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Episode 53 – Motivation Month: The Fantastic Debrief

We decided to dive into the topic of motivation because it seems like the root of everything. If the only way to get great is to do it a lot, and the only way to do it a lot is to have the motivation to perform that often.

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