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Composing Magic with Woody Aragon

To kick off the new magic year, Jonah sits down with Woody Aragon to discuss developing taste, resonating with an audience, and expressing a message through your magic. Woody is viewed as one of the most important modern card magicians, known for his contribution to stack work. 

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Finding the Right Approach with Paul Gertner

Surprise! It’s a bonus episode to end your year with a little more magic.

Jonah sits down with Paul Gertner to talk about performing on TV, putting a spin on your magic, and developing a kicker. Paul is a closeup magician with an on running show in Boston; he’s also the only magician who has appeared on Fool Us three times.

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Magic is Hard with Benjamin Earl

This week Ben Earl joins Jonah to discuss practice, sleight of hand, and approaching magic as an art. Alongside being a skilled sleight of hand artist, Ben is also an author and founder of Studio52.

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Personality, Television, and Magic Competitions with Ryan Hayashi

Jonah sits down with Ryan Hayashi this week to talk about finding a personality, magic competitions, and the ins & outs of television magic. Ryan is a hobbyist sleight-of-hand magician with a number of competition wins and television performances under his belt.

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Making your Magic Unique with Michael O’Brien

This week Jonah sits down with Michael O’Brien to talk collaboration, developing material, and making effects relatable for your audience.  Michael is a sleight of hand magician known for his work with the linking rings.

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Striking a Balance with Pit Hartling

Jonah is joined by Pit Hartling this week to explore creating magic,  counting tricks, and making presentation decisions. Pit is a German magician who brings his own take to sleight of hand card magic. 

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