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Episode 53 – Motivation Month: The Fantastic Debrief

We decided to dive into the topic of motivation because it seems like the root of everything. If the only way to get great is to do it a lot, and the only way to do it a lot is to have the motivation to perform that often.

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Episode 48 – “Making it” Month Introduction: Have We Made It? (Spoilers: no)

As usual the first episode of the month is Tyler and I chatting about the state of the affairs, the theme of the month, and how it relates to us. This is a warning that if you don’t care about the success of the podcast or the magic careers of Tyler or myself (Jonah) this is not the episode for you.

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Your 2017 New Years Magic Resolution? (Win 4 prizes!)

I hope you celebrated 2016 with some of the people closest to you!
Friends, family, playing cards…..
How was 2016 for you?
Awesome? Average? Terrible?

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Episode 36 – The Value of a Great Introduction and How to Tweak Your Show with James Alan

We sit down with Toronto’s own James Alan to discuss some of the finer details of crafting a show. This episode was particularly exciting because James has been a fan of the show. Not only did he come prepared, but he was also able to blast misconceptions that we had spoken about in previous episodes.

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Episode 22 – Creativity Month Introduction: Why Being Creative is So Hard

In this Episode we sit down and talk about creativity, and why it’s difficult and what our biggest struggles are. The truth is, we are also still learning how to be creative

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Episode 18 – Niche Month Introduction: Why You Should Find Your Magic Niche Right Now

In this episode we introduce August, and the theme of finding your niche in magic. I think that this is a very important episode for magicians of all sorts, and Tyler does too, but for different reasons.

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