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Magician Appetizer #12: The Best Investment During a Recession

While it might be a short one this week, Jonah has packed this episode full of advice on how to continue growing your business during these times. 

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Unique Creativity with Francis Menotti

Jonah is joined by Francis Menotti this week to discuss virtual performances, working as a duo, and methods to improve your creativity. Francis is a performer, consultant, and half of the magic duo: Couple of Magicians.  

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Magician Appetizer #11: Virtual Magic

This week, Jonah serves up a bite-sized episode on virtual magic shows.

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Aesthetics in Magic with David Ben

David Ben joins Jonah this episode to discuss if magic is an art form, producing shows, and developing a curatorial eye to improve your magic. From being a performer to a producer to the founder of Magicana, David has spent the last 40 years shaping magic as an art in the public eye. 

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Magician Appetizer #8: Magic in Your City

As Jonah mentioned in the previous episode, he’s taking a four-week break from the regular interviews. So this week, while he works away behind the scenes, Jonah wants to hear about what magic is like in your city! 

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Magician Appetizer #7: A Short Break

Is this the end of Discourse in Magic?

Of course not! But, Jonah is taking a break from interviews for the next few weeks to work on some projects for you, the listeners. However, he’ll keep serving up some bite-sized episodes to keep your appetites wet.

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