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Magician Appetizer #10: The Magic of Memorizing

One last bite-sized episode before we return to the interviews! This week, Jonah talks about the magic of scripting and why you should seriously consider it before going on stage.

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Magician Appetizer #8: Magic in Your City

As Jonah mentioned in the previous episode, he’s taking a four-week break from the regular interviews. So this week, while he works away behind the scenes, Jonah wants to hear about what magic is like in your city! 

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LOVE with Juan Tamariz

Episode 200! To celebrate this milestone, Jonah travelled all the way to Spain to sit down with the maestro himself: Juan Tamariz.

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No Wrong Answers with Nathan Kranzo

Jonah is joined by Nathan Kranzo this week to talk about creating unique effects, entertaining an audience, and taking risks. Nathan is known for his out of the box thinking when it comes to magic and performing.

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Composing Magic with Woody Aragon

To kick off the new magic year, Jonah sits down with Woody Aragon to discuss developing taste, resonating with an audience, and expressing a message through your magic. Woody is viewed as one of the most important modern card magicians, known for his contribution to stack work. 

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Finding the Right Approach with Paul Gertner

Surprise! It’s a bonus episode to end your year with a little more magic.

Jonah sits down with Paul Gertner to talk about performing on TV, putting a spin on your magic, and developing a kicker. Paul is a closeup magician with an on running show in Boston; he’s also the only magician who has appeared on Fool Us three times.

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