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The Heart and Soul of Magic with Ran’D Shine

This episode Jonah sits down with Ran’D Shine to discuss performing on the college circuit, creating inclusive environments and the rich history of African Americans in magic. Alongside being a highly sought after, award winning magician on the college circuit, Ran’D is also a magic historian and educator.

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Honest Conversations for Performers with Ben Train

For episode 149, Jonah sits down with his roommate and business partner, Ben Train, to take a critical look at their own approach to magic and their performances.

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Magic Goals and Winning the Crowd with Karl Hein

Episode 126 is with Slight of Hand magician Karl Hein who is known for WOWing audiences with amazing and original magic and routines. Jonah has seen him perform both at the Magic Castle, and at a Toronto Magic Company show he produced in Toronto. 

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