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How to Start Booking Gigs with No Website, Photos, Videos, or Testimonials

It feels like nobody will hire you since you don’t have great photos, videos, or a website. But you don’t have great photos, videos or website because nobody will hire you! It’s easy to get booked with years of performing expirience, but then how does someone without performance expirience start?

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Episode 54 – Networking for Magicians with Brian Miller

In episode 52 we chat with our first guest of “motivation month”. The point of the month is to give you the motivation you need to get off of your ass and start fighting gigs.

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6 Ways You Can Improve Your Magic Website TODAY

If you currently have a magic website and you’re looking to make it as great as possible, here are some tips that are going to help you maximize the effectiveness of your website.

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How to Make a Beautiful Magician Website Easily

Getting a website is a notoriously difficult, expensive and time consuming thing, but it doesn’t have to be! By the end of this blog post my goal is to teach you exactly how to make your own website by yourself, in about one week, the most effective way possible, reasonably priced, without hiring anybody: Do […]

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Episode 27 – Getting Booked Month Introduction Everything We Know So Far

Tyler and I chat about what we know and our approach to business and getting booked in magic. We share some need to know information about websites, online presence and outreach for getting gigs.

We also chat and hint quite a bit about upcoming guests for this month.

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Get pumped for this month

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