I still remember my first magic gig as if it was yesterday. My french teacher from grade 5: Madame Annhang hired me to perform magic at her grandsons birthday party for all of the kids.

I was around 10 at the time. Somehow we settled on $50 and if I remember correctly she slipped me another $50 at the end for doing such a great job.

From the age of 10 until the age of 17 that’s how I thought you have to get hired to do magic:

You sit, and you wait, and wait, and hopefully enough people will call you.

During my teen years people would ask me if I wanted to do magic full time. I would chuckle at the idea and give a reason why not.

“To be a magician, I also have to be a marketer, and who wants to do that?”

“I like math a lot, and it seems like there are more opportunities there”

“Do I really want to be doing birthday parties for the rest of my life?”

If I’m being honest with myself, it was because I never imagined that I’d get enough phone calls from people trying to hire me to make a full time living.

Boy was I stupid….

It turns out, I wanted to be a marketer, magic had WAY more opportunities for me than math had, and I don’t do kids birthday parties all my life either.

Here’s what it came down to:

Being active and being passive

Could you imagine if all of the farmers in North America just crossed their fingers and hoped for rain instead of watering their own plants when necessary?

That’s the difference between being passive being active.

You cannot accomplish your goals, if you do not take action. Wishing will never ever work better than taking action.

Hoping that people hire you to do magic is the same thing.

Now that I look back it’s obvious I thought it was impossible to be a thriving full-time magician. I thought my job was to be soooo well known that gigs just pour in.

That’s called booking gigs passively.

Sitting and waiting wasn’t for me.

It wasn’t until I turned 17 that I decided to send an email to 40 different summer camps offering my services for the first time.

Guess what?


Many read “No Thanks” but I did get some interviews, which led to some Yes’s.

Now, every summer I tour performing and teaching magic at overnight camps all over Canada.

After I sent that email I realized how silly I was for crossing my fingers, holding my breath and hoping someone hires me. – I was passively getting hired to do magic.

Instead I was going to get a website, send emails, make phone calls, and get hired at a much faster rate! – Actively trying to get hired.

Once you’ve gotten through your mind that the way to get hired (just like the way to do anything) is to put in actual effort, that’s when people will start t0 hire you!

Myths and Limiting Beliefs

If you’re at the place in your magic where you’re starting to book gigs, starting to actively book gigs, or want to start to book gigs CONGRATULATIONS!

I’m glad you’re here. I remember when I was there I had a ton of thoughts that just weren’t true.

One of the things that holds budding magicians back at this point is their liming beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are simply the stories in which we tell ourselves that may or may nor be true. I’m going to walk through some of the common ones, and why you should get them out of your head asap.

#1 I’m waiting for a manager or an agent to get gigs for me

Wrong, wrong, wrong again.

First of all, there are plenty of wildly successful magicians who do not have managers, or agents. They send their own emails and book their own clients. If they can do it, you can too.

Second of all (and most importantly): even if you did actually need an agent. Agents bring on clients who are already getting a ton of work. They’re not going to bring you on as a new client unless they’re 101% positive that you ROCK. They’re only going to do that if you already perform and get hired a ton!

Stop waiting for other people to do it for you. You can book your own gigs!!!

#2 Lack of confidence

It’s not easy to know when you’re ready to perform. But I will tell you a few things.

Nobody is going to deliver you a letter that says “now’s the time”. Not only that, but no matter your preparation, the first few times you get hired to perform, you’re going to feel nervous.

If you’re good enough (do people go crazy when you do magic?), then you’re probably ready to perform

PS. If you suck at magic, this article is not for you. Spend the next 6 months practicing and then keep reding

#3 I don’t have the time

Whether you’re in school, you have a full time job, or something else that takes up a majority of your time, it’s hard to imagine finding the time to get yourself hired to do magic A BUNCH.

I totally get that. Especially because above I explained that it’s an active process, that is going to take time.

I won’t lie. There is upfront work to getting hired to do magic. A website, some photos, some testimonials, business cards, and most importantly reaching out to clients.

Most things you have to do once, and then you don’t have to worry about it for a while. Here are some things that you will have to do ONCE, and then reap the benefits for a while:

-You make a website once (which is a fun process by the way), and then don’t touch it for a long time.

-Print business cards once, and give them out when you want and when people ask (THEY ASK!)

-Find a list of potential clients in your target audience ONCE, and then you reach out to them over and over again.

-Carefully craft a few emails, and use those templates over and over replacing just the company name, and maybe adding some details.

That’s all to tell you that it’s not as hard as it seems. For Under $150 or so you could have a website, business cards, email templates, photos, testimonials all up in 1 weeks time.

But the truth is. Getting hired to do magic is going to take some work. Not a TON, but the point is to actively see work, and not passively wait for it.

You’re going to have to spend some hours not watching Riverdale this month, and spend it making a beautiful website instead, you’re going to be thankful.

It doesn’t mean you need to be a full time world famous magician.

But if you want the privilege of being able to get payed – often quite well – to do magic, you need to make that time investment up front.

It’s bonkers how much money people are willing to pay for me to do card tricks. Some days I just look at my hands and laugh at how nerdy it was when I was growing up, and how fantastic it is that people hire me to do this now.

All it took was a flip of the switch from me being passive about doing magic full-time and me being active about doing magic full time.

How Now Brown Cow?

There is of course one other thing that could be holding you back.

If you aren’t afraid of failure, ready to put in some effort, have plenty of confidence, and ready to be active you could be held back by one more thing

It’s possible that you don’t know HOW to do it.

I’m going to tell you how to do it, but I’m also going to invite you to be a part of something special.

Here are the steps to getting becoming an authority in your own niche

Quick How-to:

  1. Pick a Niche
  2. Collect Names/#s/ and Email Addresses from that niche
  3. Individual Outreach for a few gigs to get photography, videography and testimonials
  4. Fix/Make Website
  5. Systematize outreach

In Depth How-to:

While I wrote it as 5 simple steps there’s quite a bit to it. So much so that I made a short 5-day course starting May 1st to help you. It’s called “Fantastic Gigs and Where to Find Them”. It’s all about the first few steps to selecting and becoming an authority in your own magic niche.

I’ve prepared some in depth content for those of you looking to become an authority in your own niche, or to start being active about getting hired.

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