How to Cross 6-figures in gigs in 2024 

This hands on workshop will teach you the plan that my clients are using to hit 6 figures in under 12 months.

An easy and effective way to get leads every day and sales every week.
Exactly what your webpage need to look like to generate you bookings, and get you leads, that already LOVE what you do 
How to hire cheap experts to stop you from burning out, and let you scale fast

What people are saying about working with Jonah

"Went from  20,000 to  130,000 within 18 months of working together"
David Nathan

"Booked over $50,000 in magic and speaking gigs from one tactic"
Cody Clark

"Added $65k to my business in under 12 months"
Kelvin Ng

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How to get hit 6-figures in 2023 in the magic biz

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