Highlighted Posts (June)

Welcome to Highlighted Posts, the part of the newsletter where we get to talk about current online magic references.

In this section we get to point out specific posts or things that were particularly interesting this month.

For the first couple newsletters we might not be current, since we have lots to catch up on, here are some things that are fresh to us, that we think you might like too!

The Jerx Blog: Theory of Boxes

Quick History: There is an anonymous magician named Andy who’s writing about magic and is killing it! Super funny dude, sometimes he writes about why some peoples magic is good, sometimes he writes about why other peoples magic is bad , sometimes he writes about original effects and ideas, and sometimes he just makes fun of people like Rick Lax or Erdnase (!!!).

Most importantly his ideas are fresh and while I have disagreed with some of them, I emailed him about it, and got a response! Most of the time, he’s spot on with his analysis with the only difference being that he is not a worker as much as a wildly talented hobbyist.

Sometimes his ideas reflect that, as in he has tricks that last 3 days. Granted he makes people feel they’ve traveled to another universe, and I do stupid card tricks.

While I recommend the whole site, this post specifically was the part that really hit the nail of the head for me. He finally put into words why I like un-believable magic premises and why people respond best when they are given something ridiculous to believe in, instead of something believable.

The Jerx Theory of Boxes

While I could tell you about it, just read the post. Then start at the beginning and read every post, then read every post again, then buy his book, now eagerly wait like I am to receive it!

James Alans blog post

Welcome to the Discourse! We’re ecstatic that our audience is reflecting and commenting on what we talk about. This is the whole point of Discourse in Magic. James wrote a nice lengthly blog post as a response to Ben Trains podcast episode.

Since then the discussion has been moved back to our page, with a few other people. James is a talented magician and lifelong math student who is clearly a thinker, and he’s also an excellent performer.

We are still deciding how we want to organize rebuttals to podcast episodes, but so far James did a great job. If you have any ideas let us know, we are just in our beginning stages

Check out the James Alans Blog Post or participate in the comments of Ben Trains Episode

Art of Magic

Just a few weeks ago this project finally launched, which appears to be a sister organization of Dan and Dave. Our first impressions are a 9.5/10 on design. It’s clear they are trying to introduce a new organized platform to help share magic with the community.

Since much of the content on their website is repurposed from Dan and Dave, it seems like the point of this project is DESIGN. We are very excited about this new project because some of the big name online magic retailers website are being crowded by things like cardistry.

It looks like Art of Magic is trying to avoid that clutter and build a beautiful interface to put it all in one place.

Take a look at the Art of Magic Website – Do you think it’s as beautiful as we do?

Thats it for highlighted posts this month. If you want to promote something of your own, or want to point out some posts that are important to you, we would love to share them in our next edition of highlighted posts.

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