If you’ve ever wondered how to get into a Fringe Festival, what it is, how to use it to make money and why you would want to do it, you’re in the right place.

In episode 38 Keith Brown lays it all out for us.

Fringe. What is it?

Every year in cities all around the world there are theatre festivals under the “Fringe” name.

It’s a festival that last typically 10-14 days with theatre shows, everything from comedy to student plays, to magic. Some of the smaller ones like Regina are 5 days, But fringe is a festival that happens all over the world! Bigger ones like Australia last a month.

Best of all, the performers are either first come first serve or picked from a lottery, which means next year, you or I could have the same chances of making it as Keith 🙂

If you want to figure out how to apply, or anything else that you need to know this is the official Fringe Festival website (each cities festival has their own website, but this is a great resource to find them!


Also here is an AMAZING resource from a friend of Keiths:


Between the URL above, this episode, and the open invitation to contact Keith with any questions, you have no excuses!

As Keith explains in the episode the beauty of the Fringe festival is that it’s an opportunity for you to put on show after show after show, and they cannot sensor what you do. That means that this is the time to find out if the fun art and ideas that you have in your mind produce great theatre when they come to reality. A Fringe tour is the perfect place for you to do a routine dozens and dozens of times.

Keith really helps us out by holding nothing back. He’s honest about exactly what it takes. While there seems to be a sea of benefits to joining a fringe festival, like anything it requires work. Keith shows us exactly what to do, and how to engage with people at the fringe festival and invite them to your show.

Most importantly he reminds us of something that is incredibly important going in. You and the other fringe performers are all on the same team. You all want to promote each others shows, you are teammates and not competitors. Having that mentality is one of the most important lessons that Keith gave us from fringe.

Since such a big part of the festivals success is word of mouth, you need to be on your best behaviour, do some favours, and win some friends. They could help make or break the success of your show!

If you want to check out more about Keith you can follow his website, or check him out on social media (PARTICULARLY INSTAGRAM STORIES :))






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