How to price your magic so it's easy to buy, easy to sell, and you make DOUBLE

This 23 minute video will teach you how to raise your price, and make way more money from the leads you already have.

How to raise your prices to hit $100k in 2023.
What you could be charging based on your skill and expirience 
How to turn your price into packages to close more gigs, and make more money

What people are saying about working with Jonah

"Went from  20,000 to  130,000 within 18 months of working together"
David Nathan

"Booked over $50,000 in magic and speaking gigs from one tactic"
Cody Clark

"I added $65k to my business in under 12 months"
Kelvin Ng

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How price your magic to double your income 

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