Ever wonder how an ordinary hotel show could ignite a lifelong passion for magic? Join us as we sit down with the legendary Gaetan Bloom, whose enchanting journey in magic began as a child. Hear how a well-known lawyer and magician played a critical role in convincing Gaetan's parents to support his magical dreams, despite their conventional careers. Gaetan's early encounters with the renowned Mayette magic shop in Paris and his first magic kit set the stage for his unwavering dedication to the art of illusion. Discover the pivotal mentors who shaped Gaetan's magical prowess, from Ken Brook to Dai Vernon. These iconic figures not only advanced his career but also inspired some of his most famous tricks. Gaetan's innovation shines through his unique problem-solving skills and his ability to reinvent standard effects using everyday objects. Listen to the stories behind his long-term engagement at the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, where his creativity flourished with unconventional props like boxing gloves, inspired by comedic performances and external requests. Explore the balance between originality and tradition in magic as Gaetan shares his thoughts on fooling magicians and simplifying tricks to their core essence. Learn about his humorous creation of the "pamplemousse trick" and how diverse artistic fields fuel his magical creativity. From his nostalgic reflections on old magic books to the evolution of his magical acts, Gaetan's playful mindset and dedication to innovation make this episode a treasure trove of insights for aspiring magicians and magic enthusiasts alike.