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Between Dreams Podcast with Chris Ruggiero

This week we share with you an episode from the Between Dreams podcast with Chris Ruggiero, who recently featured Jonah as a guest. 

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Three Questions With Jake Strong Podcast

This week we share a segment from the Three Questions with Jake Strong Podcast, in which Jonah was recently a guest on. 

Read more … In Space!

Ben and Jonah are back to get you excited about taking beyond the final frontier… space! 

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The Toronto Magic Company Bought A Teleprompter!

Ben and Jonah discuss the winding down of virtual shows, what their first live show post-pandemic was like, and how they’re planning for the future of in-person shows.

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Magic Appetizer: Tools For Your Team

This week Jonah shares with you six tools that will make working with your team easier as you expand your magic business.  

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Tips, Tools, and Tricks of the Trade with The Toronto Magic Company

How the Toronto Magic Company is handling the virtual slowdown, the future of, and recommended tools to help run your business

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