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On our call we'll talk about your magic biz and I'll recommend 2-3 things you can implement right now that are working for myself and dozens of my mastermind coaching clients. 

Some others I've worked with

Double your rates

Jonah shared a quick tip on how to more effectively label my shows that seemed too easy to be true. 

But, with this one super small change I booked gigs that day at a rate nearly DOUBLE what I was charging.

Matt Szatkowski

Magician, Vanishing Inc.

Fast results

In 8 weeks of working together I built 2 online immersive theatre shows, created a Youtube series, and booked 5 virtual performances...and 2 in person performances too!

James Lopez

Magician/ Interactive Expirience Expert

Book gigs FAST

Started working with Jonah 2 weeks ago for our virtual show. The program started 5 days ago. We've already made back all of the money we invested. It's been several different shows we've booked all through his direction

Mistie Knight

Magician/Manager Kyle and Mistie Night

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