Virtual Magic Biz Lesson #2
A Magical Device

Today, I'm going to share with you a magical device that will not only help you land MORE deals, but it will help you land them at higher prices.

I'll warn you. It's possible that you've been avoiding it. But if you're serious about getting paid the big bucks to do magic, you cannot avoid it

Do you want help with EXACTLY what to say on the phone to close the deal?

I'm looking for 7 more entertainers for my Virtual Magic Case Study Program
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Worlds quickest Intro:
Jonah Virtual Lovin' Babins

Founder of The Discourse in Magic Podcast (half a million downloads) and the Toronto Magic Company (200+ SOLD OUT public shows). I've been helping magicians with their magic biz, but recently I've got super specific about helping more magicians make the transition to virtual.

Over the past 8 months I've helped 37 magicians transition to the world of virtual magic. Booking real virtual gigs and making real money.... All while booking and performing in 150+ virtual shows myself for the Toronto Magic Company (watch our video here).

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Discourse in Magic.

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