Would you like me to hold your hand as you

Explode Your Virtual Magic Biz? 

What would it look like if you DOUBLED your current virtual magic biz in the next 70 weeks?
Join me for 10 weeks of Rate Raising, Gig Booking, and a virtual BUTT KICKING. 

Week 1 is Starting Nov 23 

Here's what your next 10 weeks could look like

I've put together a 10 week program that combines, information, motivation, and accountability. To take the guesswork out of the virtual magic business. We're on a train moving forward into the virtual magic world. 

Here are the 9 things we're going to work on over the next 10 weeks

Fix Your Marketing

How to turn potential clients into inquiries.

Packages and Pricing

Stop leaving money on the table. 

Peers and Past Clients

Scripts to get bookings from your network.

How to Sell

Exact scripts for what to say to virtual clients.

Email Marketing

Email your market before they find someone else.

SOLD OUT events

Sell your virtual show using Email and Facebook Ads


Discover hidden partnerships to book MULTI-SHOW deals.

Ads + Agencies

Using Google Ads and Agencies to build your biz

Systems and Support

Hiring and using software to you can double your income

The Implementation Program
Is For You If:

You are dedicated to the virtual magic industry (for at least 6 months).
You want the grow and move forward with a group of like minded virtual magicians.
You're an entertainer or manager and want to know where to find more bookings
You want to be paid what you're worth for your entertainment skills. More than you were paid in person.
You want to find your OWN virtual magic market, instead of fighting for scraps.
You want to SELL MORE TICKETS to your own virtual magic show, and don't know how. 
You want the motivation of growing alongside a group of dedicated magicians.
You want to be part of a group of industry experts and professionals

Over the next 10 weeks we're going to JUMPSTART your virtual magic biz.

There is way too much INFORMATION out there.

This program is designed to help you sort through the noise with RAPID IMPLEMENTATION, TRANSFORMATION... and UNLIMITED access to get your questions answered.


I've STACKED the program with everything you need to fix what's not working and go virtual FAST. It is designed to guarantee your growth. All you have to do is put in the work!

Here's what's included:

Please read it carefully. I assure you this is unlike any other course, coaching program, or mastermind that you've ever been part of.

Starting Monday November 23rd, for 10 straight weeks you have

Unlimited Coaching Calls with me - Unlimited access to me for advice with anything.  Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Strategy, Pricing, Sales Training.... ANYTHING. for 1 0 straight weeks... You read that right.

Unlimited WHATSAPP - Imagine having a virtual magic angel on your right shoulder at all times... That's me, and you can ask me anything. Quick questions.

10 LIVE Virtual Magic Biz Classes - Once a week, I'm going behind the scenes and teaching you how I operate my virtual magic biz. That's 10 core lessons breaking down exactly how to run your virtual magic biz.

20 Team Accountability Calls  - Twice a week, the virtual magic mastermind meets up to keep each other on track and focused. This is the butt kicking, and group feedback you need happening 2x/week.

Unlimited Graphic Designs - from my personal graphic designer to help your virtual magic look sharp and help you kick butt FAST.

A Private Facebook Group with members DEDICATED to smashing through your problems and get instant feedback from each other on what is working and what is not working in the virtual magic biz.


Get ready for 10 weeks of building out the foundations of your virtual magic biz!

Try it for 2 full weeks, if you're not getting the results you wanted, I'll buy it back from you plus a BURGER!

It is guaranteed to get results.

I want you to be my next case study!

Click below to learn about what some other magicians I've helped go virtual think

"The course paid for itself in the first week"
-Mistie Knight

"I'm £10k pounds better off because of him"
-Chris Wall

"My fees have gone up 2x-3x"
Ben Levy

"I'm pumped about the trajectory I'm on"
-Scot Nery

"I highly recommend it"
-Harris Fellman

"I booked 20 shows"
Max Davidson

"The course paid for itself"
-Magic Jack Maxwell

"It was really worth it"
-Ryan Buddenbohm

"You're being carried from the start to the finish line"
Cody Clark

What if I haven't started my Virtual Magic Biz?

This program is designed for people who are SERIOUS about the virtual magic business. It is designed for those dedicated to going virtual. 

In short. The only way that you're going to get the benefit out of this program is if you are serious about going virtual.

    What time of day are the calls?

    All calls are recorded so that you can view them at your own pleasure.

    The Virtual Magic Biz CLASSES are Mondays 5pm-6:30pm EST

    The Group Coaching Calls are Tuesdays 6pm-7:30pm EST, and Thursdays 2pm-3:30pm EST

    All calls are recorded and will be available to you forever.

    If there will be any changes we will let you know ahead of time

    How do I become the best case study?

    It's easy.

    Just work your way through the entire program. Implement everything that you're learning, and share your results as we go along.

    With great results likely comes some FREE promotion when I do case studies on social media

    How is this different than other courses? 

    This is a combination of tools to ensure your success.

    1 part information (weekly classes)

    2 parts motivation (2x weekly meetings)

    And 24/7 support to move you through any roadblocks FAST!

    10 Butt Kicking Weeks Upgrade Academy:

    3 Monthly Payments of: 


    Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
    Unlimited  WHATSAPP 
    Unlimited Graphic Design
    Weekly Virtual Magic Business Lessons (10)
    2x Weekly Accountability Meeting (20)
    Private Facebook Group

    Or save $100 and pay in full by clicking here.

    "The program started 5 days ago.

    We've already made back all of the money we invested. It's now been several different shows we've booked through his direction"

    Mistie Knight

    Kyle & Mistie Knight

    My last FULL COHORT of 2020 is starting in

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