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Reinventing Your Magic with Stuart MacDonald

This week, Jonah sits down with Stuart MacDonald to discuss storytelling, effective methods for practicing, and what to consider when changing your act. In 2017, Stuart made history at the IBM-SAM Combined Convention where he claimed all 5 top awards with his unique performance. 

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Finding Your Voice with Jamy Ian Swiss

Jonah is joined by Jamy Ian Swiss this week to discuss persona, creativity and the importance of learning the classics. Alongside being a dedicated, lifelong student of magic, Jamy is a prolific writer, sleight of hand artist, and magic historian. 

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Magician Appetizer #4

Jonah serves up another bite-sized episode this week, giving you the motivation you might just need to hear.

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Magician Appetizer #3

Does the blank page scare you? Do you constantly find yourself deleting and retyping the same thing, only to repeat the process? Do you wish the computer could just read your mind and write the script you want for you? 

In this bite-sized episode, Jonah addresses writer’s block and offers an easy strategy to start writing your magic script. 

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F**k Fear with Adam Rubin

Jonah sits down with Adam Rubin this week to discuss creativity, writing, and applying magic to other aspects of your life. Alongside being a magician, Adam is the Director of Puzzles for Art of Play, a #1 New York Times best selling picture book author, and an ex-creative director in advertising. 

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Perceiving Magic with Julie Eng

This episode Jonah sits down with Julie Eng to discuss Magicana, the community within magic, and elevating the perception of magic. Julie is an award-winning performer and the executive director of Magicana.

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