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Bonus Episode – Discourse’s Ethos

It’s a bonus episode this Monday. With the rise in new listeners, Jonah thought he would sit down to talk about the ethos behind Discourse in Magic.

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Episode 144 – Magic 2018 vs. 2019 with Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, and Jacque Swan

New year, new magic! To ring in the new year, Jonah sits down with Ben Train, Chris Mayhew, and Jacque Swan to discuss their magic highlights and lowlights from 2018, and what they plan to change for the upcoming year. 

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Episode 143 – Impact, Emotion, and Frustration in Magic with Pipo Vilanueva

Pipo Villanueva joins Jonah for episode 143 to discuss adding impact to your magic. Pipo is a magician from Spain who has performed at the Magic Castle and is known for performing impactful effects.

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Episode 142 – Exposure and Behind the Scenes

Episode 142 is a new take on the catch-up episodes. In the first half, Jonah is addressing a topic in the magic community which has been a part of many recent discussions: Magic exposure online. In the second half, he sits down with his writer and editor, Jacque Swan, to discuss magic in Toronto and behind the scenes of the podcast.

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Episode 141 – Rituals, Experiences and Engaging Mentalism with Joe Diamond

After several recommendations, Joe Diamond finally sits down with Jonah for episode 141 to discuss ritualistic magic, believability, and engaging your audiences. Joe is a mentalist based in Illinois who delves into the weird side of life through his magic. He has headlined at the Chicago Magic Lounge, performed alongside David Parr, and hosts a weekly show called The 13th Hour.

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Episode 140 – Marketing Secrets for Entrepreneurial Magicians with Zivi Kivi

Jonah sits down with Zivi Kivi for episode 140 to talk the business of performing. Zivi is not only a children’s entertainer, but he operates several podcasts like the Balloon Artist Podcast, Generous Podcast, and the Magician Business Podcast while also instructing with the Kids Entertainer Academy.  

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