Hi, I’m Jonah.
Nice to meet you!

I curate the Discourse in Magic Podcast.

Here’s a super-quick summary about what we’re all about:

What is Discourse in Magic?

Discourse in Magic is a podcast, website and community for magicians looking to improve. Learn from 250+ episodes and interviews with the best magicians on the planet. Go behind the scenes on exactly what's working (and what's not) in magic today.

Our goal is to make your journey through magic - both the business and performing - easier, less frustrating and a lot more fun.

What’s The Point?

We teach magicians to entertain, book more gigs and become killer performers. The real secrets of magic aren’t the methods. They’re the choices you make as a magician to be unique and perform the best magic that you can.

Why you do what you do is far more interesting than how you did it. Why is it that when one magician performs an effect it just feels like a trick, but when someone else does the same effect it feels like a miracle? Why do some magicians get all the bookings, while others are left waiting to get called on? How are some magicians performing creative brilliant miracles while others are performing the same old tricks with the same old patter?

Welcome to Discourse in Magic.

Nice Things People Have Said:

Nate Staniforth:“Jonah is a careful listener and thoughtful host who does a great job of exploring each guest’s perspectives and ideas.”

Brent Braun:“Discourse In Magic contains the real secrets of being a magician. Some podcasts only scratch the surface Jonah on the other hand digs deep and changes the way I think about magic”.

Garrett Thomas:“This podcast is Insightful, motivating, and challenging for any magician. Jonah creates a safe space for your favourite magicians to share their details in the wise why’s of what they do”.

Matt Disero:“My absolute must listen to weekly is Discourse in Magic. Jonah Babins does it up right.”

Jay Sankey:“I’ve listened to a ton of magic podcasts over the years, but Discourse in Magic is one of my very favourites!”

Jeff Evason:“This is one of my favourite podcasts”

A Bit About Me:

Hi, I'm Jonah Babins.

I'm the head wizard here at Discourse in Magic, and the co-founder of The Toronto Magic Company.

My passion is problem solving. It led me to a math degree, cross Canada summer camp tours and SOLD OUT magic shows all over Toronto.

This website is about helping your magic grow. I've failed and succeeded over the years, and I'm documenting it here for you :)

Things I like:

  • Self working Card Tricks
  • Memorized Deck Magic
  • Magic Theory
  • Chin-ups
  • Marketing
  • Sales Training
  • Broccoli

The Team

  • Justin E – Podcast Editor
  • Graphics – J.V. and Ephraim
  • Customer Success – Gab Y

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Join 3000+ magicians and get access to my best and most current advice about what’s working (and what’s not working).