Stolen Episode: How to Start a Show hosted by Ben Train

While Jonah’s away in Spain, Ben Train has infiltrated Jonah’s computer (he really needs a less obvious password). Instead of his original list “10 Weird Facts About Jonah,” Ben has decided to give you some tips on how to start your own show.

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Vanessa Vakharia on The Math Guru

It’s a minisode this week! Jonah recently sat down with math tutor Vanessa Vakharia on her podcast, Math Therapy, to work through his math-related traumas. If you hate math, this is the perfect podcast for you!

The following clip was pulled from Episode 3: A Mathemagical Crisis.

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Halloween Episode

To celebrate Halloween, Jonah dug through the annals of magic history to find you a frightening magic story. His research led to the following clip of Eugene Burger recounting the tale of one woman and her haunted dollhouse. So lock your doors, shut off your lights, and prepare to be spooked by The Dollhouse of Millie Riggs.

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Personality, Television, and Magic Competitions with Ryan Hayashi

Jonah sits down with Ryan Hayashi this week to talk about finding a personality, magic competitions, and the ins & outs of television magic. Ryan is a hobbyist sleight-of-hand magician with a number of competition wins and television performances under his belt.

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Making your Magic Unique with Michael O’Brien

This week Jonah sits down with Michael O’Brien to talk collaboration, developing material, and making effects relatable for your audience.  Michael is a sleight of hand magician known for his work with the linking rings.

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The Magic of Collaboration with Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood joins Jonah this week to talk creating content, finding a niche, and failing until you succeed. If you’ve searched for magic on YouTube, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Brian’s channel Scam Nation. Alongside being a YouTuber, Brian is a magician, a podcaster, a comedian, and an author – really, he just loves to share stories. 

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