If you’re looking for some of our best resources for your magic performance or business you’ve come to the right place!


Theory Resource Guide

The number one thing that you should get if you’re looking for tips in theory and performance check out our Theory Resource Guide. It’s a short document full of exactly where to go, both free and payed to learn performance theory.


Making Your Magician Website

If you’re looking to make sure you don’t miss anything when you build your website, check this link out. This is a long blog post I wrote about how to build your own website. But best of all, there’s a cheatsheet on that page with tips on everything you need for your website. Whether you make the site or you hire someone, it’s important that you remember everything you need the first time you make it.

Make Your Own Magician Website - Checklist

Social Media for Magicians

It’s 2016. If you’re a magician and you’re trying to get hired you need to have a presence on social media. If you want real advice on how to start conducting yourself check out the article Jonah wrote.

Booking a Tour

Trying to go on a tour at schools, camps, festivals, conventions, or anything like that? Here’s a blog post with some instructions on how to do it!


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