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Hopefully we had an opportunity to meet up and chat a little bit at the bash, but even if not, I have AMAZING things for you that I know you’re going to enjoy (plus you can always email me to say hello)

Let me quickly explain what the podcast is: My partner Tyler Williams and I (Jonah Babins) based in Toronto, interview the worlds top magicians. To date we have over 107 episodes released!

2 years ago we started this podcast in the same week as the 2016 Browser Bash. Since then we’ve released an episode every Thursday until right now! And yes you can expect another amazing episode this Thursday!

Here’s our first 2 tweets ever:

How cool is that!!


Free Gift

As a thank you for coming to check us out, I have some free things that you might enjoy!

With over 107 published episodes, there’s a lot of material to listen through. There’s even a lot of interviews with people that you know! How do I know that? Because many of them are Bash performers, attendees and staples of the Toronto Community.

I put together a short 1 week guide to everything Magic in Toronto! For the next  week, I’ll send you our BEST content related to Toronto Magicians, and Bash performers who you know and love!

People like:

Garrett Thomas

Michael Close

Ben Train

James Alan

Chris Mayhew

Chris Westfall

Scott Hammell

Rosemary Reid

Jeff Pinsky and more

Plus you get an EXCLUSIVE bonus gift that only Bash Attendees will get!

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