We are Jonah Babins and Tyler Williams, creators of Discourse in Magic!
If you want to better your magic, and better understand the art, but you’re not quite sure where to look, this is the place for you! For us and the Discourse in Magic community we focus on tools, tips, resources and discussion to help you explore and refine your magic. Half of the effort should be trying to better understand others in the art and the rest towards you and refining your own magic. Our belief in helping you learn is simple: be honest, work hard, seek to understand, and explore endlessly. That’s what we’re all about, and that’s what we intend Discourse in Magic to be all about.

What we are

The Podcast

A podcast gives us the unique opportunity to host discussions, often with experts in the field, about topics in magic.

Expect episodes once a week, on a wide range of topics in magic that will help you better understand your art, and make great magic.

The Blog

This is an environment for us, and you, to share your opinions.

We thought long and hard about including a comments section and decided that participation is a necessity. We are also open to guest posts and articles from members of the Discourse in Magic community who want to share and collaborate on magic.

The Newsletter

Once a month, we announce competitions for real prizes, give away amazing tips, and announce exclusive deals based on that month’s theme. We also include fun activities and prompts to help refine your own magic alongside the Discourse in Magic community!


Our resource page is yet another place that is constantly being updated with links outside of Discourse in Magic for getting access to incredible content.

Some paid and some free, the point of this page is to help you find the same tools that we use!

What we’re not

  1. Not a place to discuss method.

    To keep this content free and available to anybody, we wanted to make sure that the secrets of magicians don’t get exposed we can be comfortable discussing theory, tactics, approaches, realities, or anything else. We like to think of it as a place to have discussion about the art and less so about the tools. Like a restaurant guide instead of a cook book, or blueprints instead of hammers.

  2. Not going to be automatic.

    This website is not just about reading and listening. We are going to do our best to make sure that we are giving you real content with actionable tips. You need to know that to get amazing results from the advice here you need to take action.

  3. Doing amazing magic is not impossible.

    You’re probably used to getting good or good-ish reactions from your magic. We want to help you make sure that those reactions are exactly what you want, and amazing every single time. That is our goals for ourselves and for you if you join us on our journey.

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