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Welcome to a captivating episode of Discourse in Magic! I'm Jonah Babins, and today we’re unlocking the secrets to building a $100,000 a year magic business through the art of reverse engineering. Drawing from my background in pure math and my experience running a six-figure magic mastermind, I'll walk you through the essential numbers and strategies to elevate your magic career. From calculating the number of bookings required at various price points to understanding the feasibility of your current rates, this episode is packed with insights to help you scale your business effectively. Join me as I share recent conversations with magicians during strategy sessions and mastermind meetings, where we explored crucial pricing strategies and market positioning. Discover why charging $250 or $400 per show may be holding you back and learn how to identify the right market and niche for your magic business. Whether you're aiming to hit the 100k mark or beyond, this episode provides actionable advice and practical math to transform your approach and achieve your financial goals in the magic industry. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your business strategy and make your magic career flourish!